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  • Utenti attivi: 5311
  • Personaggi giocati: 10062
  • Personaggi morti: 1914
  • Inizio gioco: 4/11/2007

Manuel Uribe

Manuel Uribe
  • Anno di nascita: 1965
  • Giocato da casasac in data 28/03/2010
  • Stato: Morto
  • Punti fruttati: 65
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Manuel Uribe (born June 11, 1965) is a man from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, and was one of the heaviest people in history.[1] After reaching a peak weight of around 597 kg (1,320 lb) and being unable to leave his bed since 2001, Uribe lost approximately 400 lbs (one third of his body weight) with the help of doctors and nutritionists, and by following the Zone diet. Uribe, who is also known as Xavier, drew worldwide attention when he appeared on the Televisa television network in January 2006, but turned down offers for gastric bypass surgery in Italy. In March 2007, Uribe set a goal to lower his weight to 120 kg (260 lb). Uribe has also been featured on The World's Heaviest Man,[2] a television documentary about his bedridden life and attempts to lose weight.[3] By October 26, 2008, Uribe had reduced his weight to 360 kg (790 lb).[4] His weight loss efforts continue.


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